My name is KäLL and I am Estonian and the creator of ANIFANK.

From a very young age I have been running on fumes of colors, sounds and people who inspire me from toe to finger. 
I have background in Arts Therapies and I have worked officially as a music therapist for a decade. Working in different environments like hospital or school has thought me 3 important things. Firstly, that no matter the conditions, our basic instinct is to be creative and happy. Secondly, that no matter what you are told by the others, You are an art machine!!!;) And finally, that art heals…it truly does.

While working as a therapist I constantly needed a place to balance my own creative energy, and from that feeling, ANIFANK was born. 



is my own creative art platform, my personal synthesis of graphic characters and creative objects. This is a place to share my own story through lines and pictures, through people who inspire me or melodies that follow my days.

ANIFANK SHOP is a place you can have a piece from my world. I do not produce in large amounts, everything is limited edition or one of a kind piece. I truly love everything I produce. If you find something for you or someone special, my heart makes a little somersault.



is my first jewelry collection I created in summer 2020. It is a fun-loving laser cut collection dedicated to all my (sea-loving) friends and to my island that has given me a massive amount of creative power and sense of freedom – Saaremaa.

On the photos you see my dear friend Daana Teekel.


is my second little collection. It is a bit darker and more festive collection with shades of sparkly black and gloomy silver. 

Reflect what you desire– was the quote that inspired me while creating the characters and I must say, it finally took me to a magical finale. Product pictures come out more like a collection of moods, emotions, movements and of course…shadow-play! I love it!

On the pictures you see my dear friends Carmen Kass, Ingrid Kruusmägi and Greta Virves. I will always be truly thankful for being there with me. 


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