Flying Friends Earrings



Let me tell You about the Flying Friends from MY SEASIDE FRIENDS 2020 collection.

They move like torpedos, 60 km per hour. It means that they torpedo around 16 something meters in one second…!!!
The important question is…can you catch them!? Or should You just adopt them friendly from here via Post?!

𓆟 𓆟 𓆟

Collection comes in small numbers and it is limited!

Original character illustration by Käll Kruusmägi
Designed and created in Estonia



BODY: Laser cut plywood+ waterproof paint.
DETAILS: Hypoallergenic* metal (steel) earring hooks.
(Lead, cadmium, and nickel-free)

If You want You can swim or shower with us, but please don´t leave us wet.
Also, do not bend us!

*This does not mean that You are guaranteed with no allergic reaction, You might be allergic to some other ingredient.

Earrings arrive in a strong paper box, wrapped into nice silk paper.


Blue, Sand Yellow, Light Grey, Violet, Java Green

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